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Learn everything that you need, a perfect career guide, managing your time, and an ideal companion for your 20s, all just in 8 hours.

Our Mentors:

This course will include:

Our Mentors:

What you will get in 8 hours (4 days)?

MBA, GATE, UPSC, or startup? Are you also getting confused about how to boost your career for sustainable growth?
Learn from the mentors of IITs and IIMs for the best planning of your career.

8 hours of college/job, 4 hours of self-study/preparation……etc. Still, troubled with managing your time?
Learn from the CEOs and other officers the best trick to manage your time and let your mind sleep peacefully.

Trying hard but still losing opportunities, and recognition just because fo your fear to speak?
Learn from the stage masters who have won the hearts of more than 20000+ youths. Engage yourself and become the best speaker.

Is ………………… job perfect for me or should I take a drop and think or let just apply for it? Are these questions haunting you?
Learn how to master your 20s from industry experts, IITs & IIMs alumni, and officers from top MNCs and shoot up your career with perfect growth.

Who must take this course:

“I have a lot of goals in my life. I want to be a dancer. I want to be a traveler. I want to learn how to cook. I want to start up. And at the same time, take care of family. And I want to learn skills that will help me do all these. Though I have enough time after my 10-6 job. I’m still not using it appropriately.”

“Co-Founder of a company raising money and juggling between hiring, product, tech & customer success is resulting in. sleepless nights -> bad productivity -> bad time management and a lot of stress. Want to get back on track!”

“I’m a student and I want to do higher studies. I spend a lot of time trying to cover the vast syllabus but fail miserably. I spend more time making and canceling plans than working on my goals. I need to learn time management so I can get things done and complete my studies more efficiently.”

“Not able to figure the right path forward with my career. Tried a lot of things but I’m still unclear and now getting trapped with my own fears. I am low on confidence. I have a job but I’m not satisfied with it. And I can’t leave my job, plan things and focus on myself due to lack of time management.”

Know about EDC India:

We have more than 300 Startups Incubated with us.

We have more than 750 investors onboard.

Till date, we have created more than 1300 jobs.

We have more than 20000 Entrepreneurs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a live course where you will interact with the mentors directly.
The mentors taking the classes will be industry experts, alumni of IITs and IIMs, and Mentors from government bodies and MNCs.
Yes, you will get lifetime community support from EDC India.
Kindly drop us a text on 8130331400